100 Days of Websites, day 15

Andy Woodworth writes and blogs at Agnostic, Maybe. Woodworth was a 2010 Mover and Shaker (see a trend here?), and his blog was called one of the ten library blogs to read in 2010 by LIS News as well as receiving a first place award in Salem Press’ 2010 Public Library Blogs category. Suffice to say, the dude can write.

Woodworth, like me, comes out of a non-library background. He doesn’t just spout the same ‘save libraries because they’re good’ that you’ll see at a lot of websites*. He often finds inspiration in places outside of the library. He asks why a lot. He wants libraries to change the way they think about themselves and how the public thinks of them. He wants libraries to look outside the standard and typical activities that they do and to actually take action on their statements (see post about a lack of technology awards in library land).

For example, a recent post gave suggestions on alternatives uses for ebook funding if you’re frustrated with the state of ebook lending. The blog has focused on ebooks and ebook lending lately, but that’s an issue that’s important to libraries.

Outside of his blog, Woodworth interacted with the Old Spice guy, created a Facebook group to create a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, and runs ad hoc polls on Twitter using the #andypoll hash tag. You can see that I’ve linked to a lot of Woodworth’s posts here, so obviously I think he’s worth your time to read.

If that all wasn’t enough, Woodworth startedthe “A View from Your Desk” Tumblr where librarians can post what they see from their desk (see if you can find mine!).

* For the record, Woodworth and I are HUGE supporters of libraries. We’re librarians; it wouldn’t make sense for us to bite the hand the feeds us. But, in my opinion, sometimes librarians and libraries and library blogs spend too much time preaching to the choir instead of trying to branch out and get the public on their side. No, it’s not the easy route, but sometimes it’s what you have to do.