100 Days of Websites, day 4

Wish you knew more about social media, technology, and digital culture in general? Look no further than Mashable, an online news site dedicated to just those things. By keeping track of Mashable, you’ll know what’s happening at all the tech companies around the globe, as well as being on top of when new products and software will find their way out into the world. You might see a post about Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion, about Best Buy’s CEO, about a video game that hearkens back to the day of desktop grid role-playing games, or about a robot puppet.

OK, maybe you don’t need to be that on top of Mashable and its news coverage. Mashable posts almost 40 items a day, and I read about 8% of those* so you certainly don’t have to feel like you need to read every single thing that’s on Mashable every day. But, it’s a great resource to go to if someone has questions about a technology you’ve never heard of. When those tough, obscure questions about technology come your way, you now know your first place to check for answers.