2016 Writing Resolution Week #2

Here we are. On week two of my resolution to write a poem a week and I’ve done it! Only 50 more to go! Quick reminder if you missed last week’s post:

  1. I’m using the Storymatic for writing prompts
  2. Posting new words on Mondays for people playing at home
  3. Previous week’s poem also posted on Monday
  4. At the end of the month we’ll take a vote on which poem to revise for a small collection at the end of the year

My Prompt for Next Week

Got it? Good. Here are this week’s words:

  • Guest
  • Taxidermist
  • Glue
  • Mother’s necklace

The Poem from Last Week

That thing almost writes itself! OK, here’s last week’s poem:

You never daydream that you’ll fail
It’s always sunshine and fluffy clouds
Things you’d never admit to anyone
The confidence portrayed in your imaginary life
Success is a foregone conclusion
Fame, even, is a known quantity

So when you take a leap for those dreams
Because someone says you have talent
An undeveloped cynicism would save you
But people wouldn’t bother to say things
If they weren’t true

You leave everything behind and hit the road
Singing everywhere you can
Believing you are a step or two away from stardom
When in reality you are moving in the opposite direction
You’ve been in a freefall since you dropped out

Then begins a series of disastrous episodes
While in a diner restroom the band abandons you to the check
To start something else with a new singer
Somehow you are convinced this is a chance at a new start
Despite no money or transportation
So you take a ride with a stranger
Which ends in predictable ways you never considered

Still you consider all motion to be forward
Feeling that your goal is just around the corner
Perhaps in the next town or tomorrow’s show
You never were a good student
But life is changing that for you

A new band never materializes
And open mic nights don’t pay the bills
The one thing you feel qualified to do that earns money
Is not something you want to keep doing
Without a diploma it’s hard to get work other places

More than a year has passed since you left
And you’re back where you started
Further behind than if you stayed
Tomorrow is the last day of school
Everyone you know is taking the first steps of a new adventure
And yours might as well be over