Not much of a selection (Photo of Empty bread shelf at supermarket by Maksym Kozlenko from Wikimedia Commons)The Selection is In

There were two paltry votes (one of which was made by me!) to make a selection of which poem I’ll revise for an end-of-the-year collection. Thank goodness they were for the same poem or I’d have to flip a coin. No matter, we’ll do better next time I’m sure.

Our selection was from week three, the poem about the guest taxidermist. Obviously I’m fine with the choice since it was the one I voted for. When I revise the poem I’ll talk about the process and try to articulate why I select different words and phrases.

My Prompt for Next Week

This week for something different I had my kids pick the prompt cards from the Storymatic for me. My daughter selected the character cards (the first two prompts) and my son selected the situation cards (the last two prompts). I’m excited for this week. Not that the prompts haven’t been fun before but these are really evocative to me.

  • Trespasser
  • Recluse
  • Undeveloped roll of film
  • Long awaited invitation

My Poem from Last Week

All of the Children Are Grown Up

Yesterday Bobby was the servant
We made him get us lemonade and snacks
Under the hot sun
He spent the afternoon spritzing a cool mist
And adjusting umbrellas to block the blaze

Ours moms just watched
As they haggled
Over items priced for a quarter or less
Which they no longer wanted
But felt some value could be had

Today I am the servant
Making Kool Aid (grape)
With too much sugar
The twins like to feel grit between their teeth
Inside I missed the incident outside

Some baseball cards went missing
Aiden, one of the twins, calls Bobby a thief
Alyssa, the other twin, calls for a full investigation
The cards are sitting next to me
On the table were Aiden put them

I transition from comfort to heat
Drinks and cards on my tray
Innocently I ask if they are Aiden’s
Must have forgotten them inside
The twins look mollified and drink in silence

I whisper to Bobby that he’s now in my debt
To be collected at some future date
Announce to the group that I am the host
As it’s not appropriate to have servants these days

(Photo Empty bread shelf at supermarket by Maksym Kozlenko from Wikimedia Commons)