Hiatus: It Happens

I didn’t mean to take a hiatus. It just happened. The kids have started more extracurricular activities; my wife’s job has had a number of late nights; I had been sleeping poorly. I’ve not mentioned it, but I use a CPAP device to sleep. My mask had gotten worn and the filter needed changing so the machine wasn’t working properly. I knew I was keeping my wife awake so I reverted back to sleeping on the couch for long stretches. Which leads to bad sleep. And typically a few hours on the couch, a few hours in bed, which is not a full night of rest. We’ve sorted that out and I’m sleeping again.

As we rush into March and the month of birthdays (myself and both my kids) I didn’t want to fall further behind. I have last week’s poem written (it’s actually the one that’s in this post) and this week’s written (it’ll go up on Friday) and then I’ll get on track for next week. We’ll have another vote coming up and if it’s only Thom and I who vote, then hopefully the two of us agree.

The larger point is, take care of yourself. If you aren’t getting rest your work, your life, will suffer. You might be driven to write every day. But you also might need to take some time off. Don’t get to the point like I did where my body forced a break. I’m enjoying writing poems every week this year but I can’t make myself sick doing it.

Speaking of poetry, I’m a big fan of Nancy Hightower‘s poetry and she has an excellent book of poems out right now called The Acolyte. I published a few poems of Nancy’s in Electric Velocipede so I may have a bit of a bias but I’m ok with that.

My Prompt for Next Week

Just like last time I had my kids pick the prompt cards from the Storymatic for me. My daughter selected the situation cards (the first two prompts) and my son selected the character cards (the last two prompts). I’m excited for this week. Not that the prompts haven’t been fun before but these are really evocative to me.

  • Homeless person
  • Owner of a hot air balloon
  • The overheard remark
  • Bounced check

Seriously, how great are those? I’m having the kids pick every time from here on out.

My Poem from Last Week

One roll of film
Filled with wonder and beauty
Proof that he was the artist

For missing one step
That was not his fault
Others took his accolades

From former colleagues and peers
His life’s work
Used flashbulb dead

Neither happenstance or unwanted
Happier than ever
Since the decision to be alone

Not even the postal service knocks
His perfect solitude
Ruined like an opened darkroom door

An envelope and a small package
Signature required
Conversation optional

To receive past due honors
Apologies for old transgressions
In the package a roll of film