Twice in One Week?

As discussed last week, I’m putting up two poems. Yes, poetry is happening twice this week. Getting back on track with the poetry making.

OK, I said I was doing two poems last week and now it’s happening this week instead. I’ll get this worked out. I want to type all sorts of justifications and explanations, but what would be the point? Either I’ll keep writing poems or I won’t. The schedule is arbitrary and in my head so I’m mostly disappointing myself if I don’t keep to it. I’d like to keep to it, but I can’t beat myself up if it doesn’t happen. It’s not like publishing has a history of delayed projects.

Besides, there are so few of you reading this that I hope you’re just happy that content appears. I’ve enjoyed writing the poems although the pressure is something I could do without. But, without that pressure I don’t know that I would write them. The classic double-edged sword.

I have been working on my road-trip novel more frequently, too. I doubt that will ever see the light of day but it’s under my skin and I want to get it done. I would really like to get back into writing stories and this novel needs to be finished before I can do that.

So yeah, get working, don’t worry about others, just produce.

The Prompt

Since I didn’t get a double poem out last week I had my kids pick again. Man they are good at this.

  • Teenager
  • Musician
  • Surprise party
  • Secret meeting

The Poem

The Overheard Remark

Purchases of extra fuel tanks
Deflated her checking account
So the final payment
On the hot-air balloon

Leaving home behind
She decided she would never
Set foot on land again
Becoming homeless and free

The decision was made
Last night
When she overheard her mother
Remark about her foolishness
About balloons
About the need
To take life more seriously

She’d show her mother
Who was the fool
And who would be happy
Instead of miserable